Gone And We Didnt Get A Chance To Grow Old Together

My husband left this world 5 yrs ago, took his own life and destroyed my heart.i miss him more than i can explain..wish i could see him and have his strong arms around me.
terilou terilou
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4 Responses Dec 9, 2012

No he wasn't us military he did serve in the falklands when he was younger and northern ireland but i don't think that was it......i don't have any idea why. Sorry i feel like a moan.maybe ive posted this in the wrong place.

i lost my wife to cancer in march of this year,,,so know how your feeling

Its the nights that get me, i just miss everything hppe your ok

add me would love to chatt with you

I have a job doesnt stop me missing him..

let him go... u cant beg for love or money ... find a job and rely on urself