Harder Then I Thought

I met my husband a year and a half ago. I was going through a divorce and so was he. His sister introduced us and we both decided we didnt want anything very serious and we just hang out when had time. I have no idea when it got serious but I knew after just a month or so I wanted to bewith him so with in 2 months I moved 6 hours away to were he was stationed. We have had some rough times, but some really good ones. We got married in December and had our son in march. He has two other childre and I have one so we get stressed. But I wouldnt change it. He was deployed 1 week ago. I moved home so it would be easier but I had know idea how hard it would be. This is hi third time but my first. I miss him the most at night. I miss feeling his feet next to mine...even hearing him snore. I miss cleaning up after him, and cooking with him..i miss his touch and kiss...even the fighting...I pray for his safe return so much during the day. This is the man I wanna spend the rest of my life with. Please anyone going through the same thing or has been through it please let me know how to handle it..I feel so lost..

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My husband is in the Army, on his first deployment and has been gone four months. We have been together seven years. I miss him terribly. I never thought it would be this hard. I never washed his clothes when he left. I smell them every now and then. I sleep on his side of the bed. I will just sit in his truck. My son is 3 and looks alot like him and smells like him sometimes. It is best to keep really busy then time gos quickly. Remember a watched clock ticks slow. Good luck I know how you feel. take care.

Oh how I bave been there. I am there. 25+ years too. I STILL miss his smell (Even when he has been out in the yard all day!) I have him leave me three or four of what he calls "One time wears" teeshirts. I dress my body pillow with them. Yeah they can get pretty "Fragrant" so I try to alternate them frquently. Its not him but it helps me sleep being able to "smell" him. Sending blessings your way. Always ready to chat..

I'm an army wife. I may be only 21 but I am preparing with my husband for his second deployment to Iraq. this time 15 months. I don't live on a base. but I know what you mean about missing everything. I felt the same way when he left the first time. we were only dating. So I feel your pain. I slept with t-shirts with his fav. Cologne on it. and I wore his pajama pants to bed. and carried a picture with me in my purse. and I wore his class ring and I always wore the necklace that he got me. I was afraid to take the jewelry off. But I missed everything. so.. you can talk to me if you want...

I just sent my husband off 8-14-07 and there really no way to prepare your feelings but know that he feels the same. From talking to people that go through this helps so much before i found this web site i didnt know if i could go another day it scared me it scared him because he wasnt here but now he knows everthing is okay and i support him and love him and miss him. Keep yourself busy but i know as much as the hogging of the bed or the snoring annoyed us i would give anything in the world to have them back.

i cant exacly say i know what to do but i m in a similar sitution my fiance just left yesterday only for bootcamp for 3 months but these 3 months are going to be hell i have a feeling i love him so much.

"I miss feeling his feet next to mine...even hearing him snore."<br />
I so know how you feel i have just sent my husband off and those are two things i miss the most of many things. <br />
Feeling lost is something i to am going through! I hate feeling like i'm weak in some way! Can't give you any ideas of what to do but i can be here with you.:)