My Husband Is Soon to Leave..

my husband and i met last september, and this year in march, we were married. he was supposed to be leaving in august, but they changed it to june (this month). then a little while ago, they changed it to september 11th.. isnt that ironic? im choosing to take that as a good omen for them..

my only problem is that im in denial about it all. if the subject of deployment comes up, i ignore it or change the topic. my chest gets tight and its hard to breathe.. am i stressing too much about this all or..? this has to be normal, right? i dont know if i should just man up and face the inevitable or put it off until its closer to when he leaves..

Cordelia Cordelia
18-21, F
2 Responses Jun 3, 2007

The best thing to do is to talk to someone, b.c once he does leave, you might feel guilty for not talking about it.- Spend a lot of time with him b4 he leaves, and spend every second with him! We'll pray for you! Keep busy!

What your feeling is normal. My husband and I met in June of last year and got married in January. He left in March. The only thing I can tell ya is to enjoy every moment you can with him. Try not to think about the deployment until you have to. When he does leave keep busy. It will make time go by faster.