Missing Him

My husband died last October from malignant melanoma (a very aggressive form of cancer).  We were mates, had a lot of laughs together, and a bond of love so strong that I still feel him around me.   We moved up to Shropshire 3 years ago, and so I am now at least 5 hours drive away from my family and loved ones, and I am desperate to move back to be near them.   The evenings and nights are the worst - sitting indoors, having no-one to talk to except my cat - his passing has left a huge gap in my life I cannot hope to fill.   I do go out sometimes with people I have met in this small community, they are all very nice and friendly but they have their own families and lives to lead and I cannot always afford to go out,  I play the music that Phil loved, and it brings the tears but this makes me feel better when I've had a good cry

I hope to move back nearer my sons, and start afresh, go back to work, as I know Phil would have no patience with me giving up and getting depressed.  I know that I will be able to cope better as time goes on, and I just want to let others in my situation know that time can be a good healer, and you will get through this!

Starwraith Starwraith
1 Response Sep 5, 2008

time moves on and love moves on as<br />
though you are still around <br />
and although i am alone my love i feel <br />
that i am loved but i know not why or by whom<br />
so if you feel this love then please tell me <br />
besause i am starting to fear that i imagine all<br />
this love will disapear into thin air my love<br />
why do i feel so alone when i know <br />
you watch over me is it because <br />
i need to hold you in my arms again<br />
when it is impossible this i know <br />
someone must be watching me as i move <br />
along in life because i feel there watching me <br />
as i sit and cry so alone and sad <br />
when will be my time to love again can you tell me <br />
no i dont think you can for you have gone before me<br />
to the everlasting love be not affraid my love for you are loved amongst the angels <br />
<br />
<br />
just sitting reading when this came to me <br />
from where i do not know but someone somewhere<br />
will know who its from <br />
<br />
<br />