I Miss My Husband.

My husband and I were recently married in may.  He is currently in basic training in Fort Benning, GA.  He has only been gone for 3 weeks and still has 12 more to go.  I don't exactly know how to deal with this and am nervous about what the future holds for me as a soldiers wife.  Any advice or help would be appreciated.
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i was married in may to and the best thing to do is write in a jornal for real and write down all yr feelins for yr husband

Keep a journal, or a blog, or something. Talk to him as much as you can, and when you can't, write letters to him - they can be saved up and given to him when he gets home, or they can be for you alone and personal, so you can be entirely truthful and write things that you wouldn't otherwise come out and tell him. Pick a hobby and get involved, throw yourself into your job, and don't let your entire life revolve around how much you miss him (like I started to let mine). Know that there's a lot of people out there in the same boat as you - and know that you have at the very least my best wishes that you can carry through until you two can be together again. There's another group on here called "I am in a long distance relationship" that you might find helpful, as well.