Missing the Man That I Love With All My Heart!

First i would like to start with alittle bit of a back ground on my love and i. My husband and i have been married almost five years (June 27th is the five year mark). We have known one another sense High School, forming a very strong friendship. His civilan trade is a long haul truck driver. So i'm used to him being gone for the most part.

 He was in the Navy for five years right out of High School, then came home to become a member of the Utah National Guard. He was active duty state side in 2002/2003 and was only two hours away from home. We were able to see each other every four days for two days. So it wasn't a bad deployment in any way. Our daughter was also born during this time and he was given a two week leave.  Most would say that we were spoiled by this deployment, i would agree to this totally!

Now here we are starting our second deployment he left for Fort Bliss Texas on early Tuesday morning. He will be there for the next two to three months. Then from there he will be headed to Southern Iraq for 12 to 18 months. We are able to talk on our cell phones once a day but that doesn't take care of the empty feelings that i have going on right now. I haven't felt like this before, so i don't know what to think. I miss him more then i ever had in all this!! I mean he has only been gone for like two days but it feel's like a life time for some reason. I know that it will be a hard tour for us and our three children, because it is so much more different then it has ever been. 

ranzlovebeetlejuice ranzlovebeetlejuice
31-35, F
Jun 14, 2007