I Miss My Shorter Half

  Yes my husband was shorter than I, didn't really mind, but when we walked together and passed a store window and I saw our reflection    I did laugh a few times, I lost him two yrs. ago to cancer.... sorry lets go back and correct that, he died two years ago to cancer, lost makes me sound so incompetent,right.Like where did you lose him? under the couch,at the store,etc. word games. It's been two yrs. and he is the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about at night, but it's OK, I loved and was loved, how precious our time was.
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W O W. Few words and yet SO powerful!!!! Amazing!! Clearly your life was deeply enriched, as I am sure was his, by your relationship. I am so sorry that he died. And you seem so complete and on your way to continue to enjoy your Life. I do wish the very best for you. Thank you for writing this. Hugs. E

My pleasure treefrog, really, I love to reminisce, I look to tomorrow but yesterday is a great place to visit...

Thanks HEAVEN, My husband and our love has helped me through much and I know it will keep me strong...

grams, i truely am sorry for your loss. to know you had a wonderfull relationship, will help with the wonderfull memories. god bless you and keep you

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Thanks Ladys, I feel truly Blessed with our relationship and the memories to sustain me.

wow.I'm sorry for your loss but What a beautiful love you shared and share still with him ...because one could say that love never really dies ......I hope I find this kind of love someday ....

What a beautiful tribute to a life shared - how long were you together? I've lasted 13 years - and wish that a long relationship would have been mine in this life. I am friends now with a man who was married 51 years - his wife died a year ago and he is a lonesome polecat!

I am sorry for your loss