I Miss Him Some Times But Not Always

You should be in my marriage....I'm not...lol...he is gone 3 to 5 days every week....and I just stay around with nothing to do but go to the beach or fishing....mostly fishing....!
plant a new flower...play with the dog....if he is on a 5 day trip I some times go for a few days to see my Mom....and sisters ...I have gotten so I hate to travel even though it is free, on airline passes.... there has to be more..I know he has cheated but will never know for sure, because he's always  2000 miles away....I should go back to work....? who knows...The last job I had I traveled almost as much as he does, and it totally wrecked my first marriage.... I was a jazz musician for 8 years after I graduated from music school...and my first husband hated me being gone all the time... although I made all the money...I finely couldn't take the beatings he some times gave out when I didn't get home on time..... I just never rushed home after the first time ....drinking smacking me around were his favorite sports.
at least this one doesn't hit....I may have to look forward to this for the next 30 years... lea


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Make yourself buisy.Use ep to write your frustrations.We are distant friends,can advice without any prejudice and help you.

Jas he is not here and he treats metting

Sorry to hear that your ex smacked you around. That's bullshit. Your current husband may be gone all the time, but at least he doesn't hit you.

Hi Lea, in your shoes, I think I would make some changes. Before you know it you will find that you are getting old and making a change at that time will be difficult if not impossible. You shouldn't have to be alone for half of your life. Tell your husband how you feel, and make a change even if he won't. Ed in VA

I have been looking in to some new jobs .....and also looking at an old job i had that I loved ...although I had to travel....the pay was just great...ok well not as much as my husband, he is a senior pilot so Ill never make that much...lol....but at I would have my own money and lots of fun ...although I some times got a lot of lonely when I was through working at night... I would get done working at 2 am ...and then it would be really lonely some times ....but I got use to that and it was only a few hours a day....then I would be busy again....so who knows ....<br />
thanks for your comment<br />