Didn't Think It Would Happen to Us

My husband was on shore duty when he got orders to Iraq - not on a ship - but to a detachment. We recently became parents again so I am left with a job, an infant, a 5th grader, a dog and no frineds or family in the area. I had not realized how much I relied on my husband for companionship and support until now. Knowing that he is in a dangerous situation and not having anyone else to talk to, help me, or even pat me on the back every once in a while sucks!


I don't know how I am going to get through this one.

jaxspouse jaxspouse
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1 Response Jul 1, 2007

you can do it, just remember the love you share and all the wonderful things you'll do when he gets home. isn't there support groups on base? check, it would be good for you to socialize with other weman in you position, what ever you do remember your love,I lost my husband to cancer 2 yrs. ago and I know it gets me through the days,weeks, months and years. if you need to vent or just know someone cares, i'm here. God Bless... and I will have you hubby and I have had all the men and weman in the military in my prayers