Hard Dealing With Deployment!!

My husband has been gone for over a year. He is comming home soon, but find my energy level is soo low,, not really hungry.. I want him home now.. does anyone understand?
Jimsgirl Jimsgirl
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2 Responses Jul 21, 2007

Yes, I do! It's like a first date all over again. Just remember your first come-home kiss will give you butterflies like your VERY first kiss, only this time you don't have to stop at a kiss! Have a great post-deployment honeymoon! My husband and I usually go to a nice hotel for a couple of days when he gets back. Marriott has GREAT beds!!!

My huband hasnt been gone a year but it seems that by the time he can come home for good will i be completely drained what helps he is thinking of the good times we had and how you are going to continue on and have many more laughs together james always think about the things we will do when i come home. when i write to him i always recap those funny things that we said or did together