He's Not Even Gone Yet But I Miss Him So Much

I guess my story is pretty much like many military wives.  I've been married to my Marine now for almost 5 years/together 7.  He's been in for almost 12, but has never been to combat.  He will be leaving soon and I'm already going out of my mind.  I'm 1500 miles away from my family and don't have people that I'd call "friends" here.  It's making it so much harder because all of his training is being done right here where we live but I still don't get to see him or talk to him much.  I kind of wish they would have just done training in CA.  I love him with all my heart and my stress doesn't come from fear that he won't return to me, because I have faith that he will.  My stress is in holding my life together and our 6 year old son's life together over the next year while he's gone.  His longest deployments ever have only been 6-8 weeks, and the first week I would be mental when he'd leave, but then I'd find things to keep me busy, mostly redecorating the house, but I had friends and family close to keep me going.  I know ultimately I have to stay strong for our lil' man, but right now it just seems like it's an impossible feat.

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I can relate to your story. My husband is also a US Marine. He has deployed twice, once to afganistan for three months and once to Iraq for seven. It was hard at first but I had alot of family and our two kids around to keep me busy. But he is getting ready to go back to Iraq in a couple months and we moved recently so I am miles and miles away from family. I try to make the best of each day and soak him up as much as I can while he is still home. So my advice to you and myself BE STRONG , ITS NOT FOREVER, HE WILL BE BACK, FOCUS ON THE RETURN NOT THE DEPARTURE.

I know exactly how you feel. I live in cali and my hubby just got deployed last week. I dont have anyone that i can call my "friend" out here eitfher. My family is over 1500 miles away as well. All i can say is hang in there.

Not impossible, just difficult. I have a 10 yo and an infant. I know all about keeping it together when you just want to curl up in a ball and shut everything out. There is a poem a friend sent me once called the Steel Roses, it is about Navy wives, but I think that applies to anyone whose husband deploys regardless of branch of service. You have the toughest job. It's a good thing we're women! I don't think the guys could handle it. Hang in there, if you have to, get a babysitter and spend the day alone so you can get whatever frustrations you have out. Then go get your kid and be supermom!!

I totally understand the foggy feeling. I seem to have it all the time these days. One minute I've got all the energy in the world and think I'm gonna be able to conquer the world but then a moment later I'm out of it again. I'm glad I accidentally found this place and others that are dealing with the same things. : )

My Husband isnt gone yet he is training in new jersey and i live in las vegas for the first month is was a wreck james was always telling me to take care of myself but he is my whole life and i felt lost and there are days that i am in a fog and cant find my way out his family lives with us but i dont have any friends here or my own family i am able to talk to him pretty much every day and that helps and when i am really blue i just write him i have faith that he will come home i have to or i will drive myself crazy.