Navy Roses of Steel

I just thought I would share this with all of you. I know that not everyone is a Navy wife, but I think this is the same for any military wife.The United States Navy Wives are indeed "ROSES OF STEEL!" Ask any sailor on any base in any part of the world what keeps him going, and he will answer, "My Wife!" Do not ever take your title lightly, for you are the backbone of your sailor.  Not every woman can do this.  It takes a special woman to stand behind her man when he is out to sea for months at a time. It is the spirit and stamina in you that helps you face the physical and mental challenges of everyday life.  Oh no, not just any woman will do. Only aSTEEL ROSE can handle this challenge.  The Navy Wife!!

     Can just any woman stand on the pier with babes in arms, and one on the way, and keep a stiff upper lip as she waves good-bye to her husband, keeping back the tears for "the childrens sake"?  Can just any woman lay alone night after night, for months and months at a time being sole guardian of her family?  Can just any woman get 2 weeks notice and pack up her whole household, pass a white glove inspection, load the car, say a quick good-bye to girlfriends who became like sisters and take off for yet another duty station only to begin all over again? Can just any woman take the lonliness and heartbreak of having no tender kisses, gentle touches, or sounds or smells of her husband day after day?  Can just any woman take a set of whites and iron and starch them just the right way so her husband can pass inspection?  Can just any woman be mother,doctor, maid, chauffer,umpire,psychologist,financial consultant, tooth fairy, Santa, the Easter Bunny , the main disciplinarian, and STILL enforce the love and discipline of  an absent father??  Not likely!! So ladies, give yourselves a pat on the back for your strength, your dedication, your deep love for your husband and your country, for without you, where would your husband be today?  Whether he is a seaman recruit, petty officer, Chief, Ensign, Commander, or Captain, he is what he is and where he is because he had a great woman standing right beside him, you, a STEEL ROSE of the Navy

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This is so touching. Its so nice to see that the Navy wives have something like this. I'm an Army wife and the only thing I hear is that if the army wanted you to have a wife they would have issued you one. No matter what branch of service our husbands serve in, all military wives sacrafice a lot, and most women could not do what we do. This is a hard life, but the moments welcoming them home and spending the few and far between holidays and birthdays together make all the hardships worth it. God bless you all.

Thank you for sharing that . I'm a Air Force wife and my husband was just deployed to Iraq . Its is the same for every millitary wife.

I didn't write this. This was originally sent to me by another navy wife a long time ago. I just found it again. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Hi, I just wanted to say that I loved your Roses of Steel writing. I am also a Navy Wife and can relate to everything you wrote. My husband just got transferred for 3 years. He left in May, and I am already exhausted with doing everything on my own. I miss him terribly, and look forward to the few and far between visits we may have. My heart goes out to all who have to bear not having their husbands with them.