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Hello, my name is heather and i am 18 years old and live in ohio i was recently engaged to the man of my dreams but unfortunatly i did not prepare myself for what was ahead of me. My fiance just left for marine bootcamp yesterday (8/6/07). What i didnt relize was how hard it was going to be to be without him its only the second day and it feels like a month without him. I went from being with him 24/7 to not seeing or talking to him in 2 days. Everyone says hes only gone for 3 months but 3 months is going to be eternity for me. I just need someones help or multiple womans help that are going through the same thing or have already been through it.  So please help me out !!!

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is he in PI?? Or Cali b/c we are in Beaufort right next to PI my best friend is a DI at PI!!! You must love him very much that is wonderful. I will find out if it is true that you can see then after there crusable ok I will check that out and let you know!

I understand where you are coming from there. My husband has been gone for 7 months and he is due home in around two weeks or less. It is a test on your relationship that is for sure but if you can make it through this, and I know you can, you can make it through anything. Being a military wife is one of the things I am most proud of. I don't like him being away from me for months at a time and sometimes it can be a year. But good news is that the Marine corps just made it to where they are only over seas for 7 months and then home for 7 before they go again. The army has it harder they have to go longer. You'll make it through and if you need someone to talk to e-mail me I'm here for ya.

I kno exactly how u feel my fiance has been gone for close to two months now and even though some nights r lonely I am better now because letters help me a lot and ill b seeing him soon in three week and I can't wait .. And this experiance has brough us a lot closer

:) you must love him very much. Of course you miss him and even the 3 months will feel like years but it could be worst, some leave for years. Distance will bring you even closer ;)