I Miss Him!

We were married 8 months when my husband deployed. I have been so stressed out because I know my husband is constantly in dangerous situations. To wreck my peace of mind even more, we have already had some deaths in his company. What makes it even harder is that my husband is out in the field so much, sometimes 3 or 4 weeks go by before I receive any type of communication from him. I miss him so much. I pray every day that God brings him back home safely to me. We only have 4 more months before this deployment is over. I will be happy when I can wrap my arms around him and feel his sweet kisses again.

-A Strong Marine Wife

ProudMama8612 ProudMama8612
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5 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Excuse you, what do you mean by that?

i miss your husband also..

Thank you all for keeping us in your prayers...And yes 4 months feels like forever.

Your a strong woman hun, not everyone can be a military wife, we endure so much! It's 4 more months till mine comes home too....( doesn't it feel like 40 instead?)<br />
<br />
Just take it day by day....Here if you need someone to talk to! You and your hubby are in my thoughts and prayers!!!

Bless, I will keep him in my prayer and you for your strength.x