((apologies for the length - but so much is running through my mind))

The day he told me he wanted to join the corps marked a changing point in my life.  I know that I love him, and I knew that joining the Marines would make him happy.  Regardless of the terror that washed over me as I the thought of him so close to danger,  I needed to support him.  And so when he asked me what I thought about him joining, I smiled, and told him I will always stand by him. 

And I will.  But then he saw the tears running down my cheeks and realized how distressed I was, and I saw the same fear in his eyes.  He is so fearless.  He is more concerned about the obstacles I will encounter while I'm finishing college.  Even this selflessness scares me!  Part of me want him to be terrified and run in the other direction at the first sign of the enemy.  The other part of me swells with pride that he is so brave.

This battle between pride and fear had been raging inside of me since the day he changed our lives, although I have begun to learn how to accept this change...

  And he doesn't leave for basic til May 18th..there is so much unknown ahead of us

zavie zavie
18-21, F
Feb 22, 2009