I Miss My Best Friend

Due to the economic issues and its influence on jobs I had to take a job out of state.  I go home for long weekends every 6-8 weeks but the time that I am not with my husband is so hard on us.  We miss each other so much.  We both get lonely and sometimes depressed.  I've been submitting resumes to jobs back home again (after 1.5 years) but there's been no hits thus far and we don't have enough in our savings to support ourselves if I just quit my job.

It really sucks. :(

LaughingSun LaughingSun
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2 Responses Mar 10, 2009

I can understand the military tours. My first husband was in the AF and often gone for months at a time.<br />
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Thank you for the comment...and I will keep you and your husbnd in my thoughts, as well. :)

Hi Sun.<br />
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I'm sorry for your situation and hope that soon you will be able to work at a job that allows you to be closer to your hubby. I feel ya on the hubby missing. My hubby is deployed in Iraq and has been gone for 9 months, with 6 left to go. I used to miss him when he'd go to the field for a week for training so now it's 100000x more. I'm in no way comparing our stories, because any amount of time or distance for our beloved hubbys is just too damn long. I admire you for making this sacrifice for your family and will keep you and your family in my prayers. If ya ever need to talk I'm here.<br />
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