Just Starting Out

My hubby joined the Marine almost a year ago, right after I gave birth to our first child, a son. He left for basic three days later, on Father's Day. So that was three months of being alone. And still being newly weds, well we got 8 months, then I was all alone. Then he got to come home for like 12 days, which is a tease. Just when i get used to him being home he leaves again. Then it was off to MCT for like a month. Then he didnt even get to come home. Then it was oof to APG for MOS schooling. he has missed all our son's firsts. He did not come home Thanksgiving. But did get two week for Christmas. So that was great. Then back to APG and now he graduates in May and then its directly to his first duty station. And if things go okay we can join him, but with the marines you never know. Things change at the last minute all the time. So Im not getting my hopes up. I mean I do get to talk to him a few times a week and the weekend when he isnt on duty. But then he is tired and sleepy or he has laundry or other things to do. It sucks. And what sucks is we havent even been through a deployment yet. I miss him so much now but once he gets deployed I am really gonna fall apart. And then I wont be able to talk to him hardely ever. This just really sukcs for all the wives and children.

BamaP08 BamaP08
18-21, F
Mar 20, 2009