Pregnant With First Child and Husband's Deploying


My name is Andrea and I've been married to a marine for 6 months.  My husband is stationed in Oceanside and I don't really know anybody here.  I'm 4 months pregnant and I'm really stressed and was just looking for someone to talk to.  I don't really know what I'm going to do as I really don't think that staying by myself is a smart idea.  I'm thinking about going back to Florida which is where my mother and sister live but I don't really get along very well with her.  This is my husband's second deployment and I knew it was gonna happen some day but I guess I'm just not emotionally ready to go through this pregnancy by myself, i'm actually freaking out right now... Is there anybody out there that can relate? You can contact me on Myspace if you wish, I'm under



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Hugz darling, Lord is your shield and fortress. He will protect you both and keep you both in Jesus name.

I can somewhat relate. My husband deploys in June, but I have actually lived apart from him for the past 8 months of our marriage, due to my career. We thought I was pregnant this month (we have been trying), which would put the due date in December, roughly when he would be having his mid tour leave. <br />
I wasn't initially pleased with the fact that I would have to contact Red Cross, and he would inevitably miss the birth, but I got over it. I think I have a lot more experience being ME away from my husband... and I've always been very independent anyway.<br />
You will definitely be ok. Like someone above said... women are stronger than men, by far. Especially military wives. Right now you feel like everything's falling apart, but just think... soon, you will be holding your baby in your arms, and shortly after so will your husband. What I wouldn't give to BE in your place (pregnant), honestly. It's more of a blessing than you think.<br />
Have you tried to make friends with the wives in his company? I have only met very few Army wives in my husband's company who were not open to meeting new people. I've made the most meaningful, lifelong friendships from Army wives. If you don't move back, it would be so great to have that support there, especially when the due date comes closer.<br />
Sorry I'm not much more help. Contact me on myspace if you want, I'm on there a lot more often. Last name is Bullard, so add me!

Thank you guys so much for your responses... I guess there are people out there who really care. I would love to keep in contact with you as I am feeling overwhelmed with everything that's going on right now. Thank you for your support.

Hi Andrea,<br />
Scooby is right, we are ALL ears! My friends son is stationed in Cali in the Navy. They have two children.<br />
Its tough being a wife of a soldier and also tough to be a soldier. But together you find out what your made of, in this big world. Your going to be fine. You just hang in there. I wrote to you via email. So we are going to be watching out for you here. OK?

Hi Andrea. I know I have know idea of what you are going through. I do have a son in the navy. He is stationed in Japan and we all miss him terribly. He is very depressed and homesick right now too. He sounds like he is going through a tough time and feels all alone.<br />
<br />
Anyways, there are lots of good people here. Day and night. So you've come to a good place. You have my good wishes and prayers.

Thanks for your response. I know I'll have to do this one way or the other but I'm having all these feelings that I really don't know how to control... I'm angry with him although I know I shouldn't be and because I'm pregnant I'm having theses awful mood swings and I basicly feel like my life has come crashing down. <br />
Thje military gave us less tham a months notice and I just feel depresed all the time and what's worst, I don't feel thats he underatands what I'm going through...

I went through my second preg alone without him he didnt even make it home in time for the birth he got here the next day. i know that it is hard as hell and tough, but you can do it. Women are alot stronger then men. Im not saying that you wont be sad and angry because trust me i was and still am. Just think of this way he may have missed the preg but he should be there for all the firsts!!