Hi I'm Chandy,

My husband is in Iraq right now.  He has been there since mid-October.  Well, we just recently got married in June, been together for about eight years before we got married.  Unfortunately, he lost his job before we got married, then he had to have surgery before his deployment, at the same time, I was trying to finish school.  It was a whirlwind of many things happening in our lives.  I felt like I didn't get a chance to breathe, it was very hard for me. Let alone spend much time together as newly weds.  People sympathized for me, but deep inside it is very lonely and painful at times.  At this current moment, I have joined a martial arts club, attending bible studies with freinds, , making new freinds and focusing on my massage therapy exam.  I was depressed since for awhile.  When the New Year came, the depression went away.  Sometimes, I feel like nobody really understands the pain I am going through inside and the amount of pressure I have as an army wife (and a controlling father -in-law who is nosy.).  Fortunately, I have freinds and family here in northern Illinois for support, but I want to be near my husband the most and have a real honeymoon together.

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Hello Candyloop; <br />
Do what you can to advance your life right now.. It can help you a lot, for when he returns.. You sound like you are already keeping busy. Aside from the message therapy, think about other occupations, possibly related - that you may wish to study for, or pursue - this can free you up for when he returns...You deserve your honeymoon.. We are all praying for your husband, as I know that you are too.. Take care.<br />