My Husband Was Wounded In Iraq Then Became Addicted to His Prescription Medication...

Because of his addiction he overdosed. I found him and he ended up in the hospital for days. After that they would not let him live at home because the military wanted to keep an eye on him.  They put him in the barracks at the hospital in DC. This was in December. We haven't lived together since. He is now in Rehab for the pills. He has been there for two months. I'm hoping he will be able to come home afterward because this has been so difficult. His mood is up and down. I never know what I'm going to get. It makes it that much worse. I just miss him.

I write about my story here if anyone ever wants to check it out:

wifeofawoundedmarine wifeofawoundedmarine
2 Responses Jun 23, 2009

I chanced on your post and I am sorry too. More so because this was an unnecessary war. Just hang in there. Hope he comes home to you perfectly normal and you can continue your life in happiness and bliss.

Woah, this is a very emotional post. im sorry for what you are going through, even though my sorry might not mean much! i admire you for your strength, and courage. Keep holding on. i send you my blessings(: