Poem About Military Wives

L ord was creating a model for military wives and was into his sixth day of overtime when an angel appeared. She said, "Lord, you seem to be having alot of trouble with this one. What's the matter with the standard model?" The Lord replied, "Have you seen the specs on this order? She has to be completely independent, possess the qualities of both father and mother, be a perfect hostess to four or forty with an hour's notice, run on black coffee, handle every emergency imaginable without a manual, be able to carry on cheerfully, even if she's pregnant and has the flu, and she must be willing to move ten times in 17 years. And, oh yes, shes must have six pairs of hands." The angel shook her head. "Six pairs of hands? No way!" The Lord continued, "Don't worry, we shall make other marine wives to help her. And we will give her an unusually strong heart so it can swell with pride in her husband's achievements, sustain the pain of separations, beat soundly when it's over-worked and tired, and be large enough to say 'I understand,' when she does not, and say ' I love you,' regardless." The angel circled the model of the marine wife, looked at it closely and sighed, "It looks fine, but it's too soft." "She might look soft," replied the Lord, "but she has the strength of a lion. You would not believe what she can endure." Finally, the angel bent over and ran her finger across the cheek of the Lord's creation. "There's a leak," she announced. "Something is wrong with the construction. I am not surprised it cracked. You are trying to put too much into this model." The Lord appeared offended at the angel's lack of confidence. "What you see is not a leak," He said. "It's a tear." "A tear? What is it there for?" asked the angel. The Lord replied, "It's for the joy, sadness, pain, disappointment, loneliness, pride, and dedication to all the values she and her husband hold dear." "You're a genius!" exclaimed the angel. The Lord looked puzzled and replied, "I didn't put it there."
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My husband went to war on March 20th, 2012 and he returns at the end of the year. We have 3 beautiful daughters 8, 5 and a month old who all miss him very much as well as I,<br />
We haven't seen each other for 6 month befour he went. I toss and turn every night cause its so hard to sleep without him lying by my side. I have dreams of him walking in the door and him hugging me but then I wake up and come to find out he's not really here. Our girls crying cause they miss him and want him home.<br />
I dont like him over there and I wish he were here but, I know that he is coming home soon and that things are going to be good once again when we're in each others arms again. So, pray and let GOD do his job, because with GOD all things are possible!!!<br />
Believe and have faith. He can do ANYTHING!!! Becuase of HIM I found the love of my life and have 3 wonderful daughters. I know HE is going to keep my safe. You may think I'm crazy but I dont care because I am a strong believer in our Father. After all, HE did give me life and much more.