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Worse Today

Today has been a little worse. I went christmas shopping so I have been thinking about how hard it will be without him.....I hate that he'll be away. Yesterday we talked about a lot of stuff. He knows I have alwasy wanted to foster but he has always said never, he won't do it. Yesterday though we had a bit of a heart to heart and he realised for the first time just how important it is for me to follow this dream..he is seriously going to consider it. It's when he does these things and says these things that I realise just how much I miss him. Being alone at nights is the worst ever, now I have even started to let my cat share my bed so we can keep each other company. I just can't wait for him to come home so I can wrap my arms around him and hold him close to me...I miss his smell, his smile, his laugh.........I miss him.
AWUK AWUK 26-30, F 6 Responses Nov 16, 2007

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Aww - thank you all :)

He will be home and in your arms soon sweetheart. Keep your chin up and keep smiling for him.

Loneliness is a terrible thing, hope you get to foster, I know you want it!!!

i'm sorry :( i bet the loneliness is even worse combined with concerns for his safety. <br />
i'm so glad you guys had a good talk about the fostering! yay!

He'll be home in Jan for two weeks then he goes back to AFghan until March/April....seems like forever. It doesn't usually get me much. I've been really good up till now. It's only been two months since he left so I gues maybe it's just hitting me. I haven't creid for him yet either so thats good. I've just sort of accepted that thats the way it is now get on with it. I would probably be a lot different if I had children to look after..I would miss him so much more then. <br />
I am so made up about the fostering. I told him that if we try and after the first one has left he's not happy to continue then that's fine, at least he will have tried. I hate to feel like I'm forcing him to do it so I'm not going to push too much...I'll just keep my fingers crossed and wish on every shooting star

This is such a kind tribute to your honey. I am so gald he is cond=sidering fostering. I know it is important to you. I am glad you got to talk to him. How long till he is in your arms again?