Missing My Husband..

My husband left this morning for California..we live in New Hamshire. He is not in the military, he works for the government and he was sent out there to work at the shipyard in San Diego. He is going to be gone for 3 months...which probably does not seem very long to everyone out there with husbands that get deployed for a year. He has gone on this trip twice before but never for this long, so this time I am having a pretty hard time with it, such a hard time that for the first time in my life i googled something to help me through a difficult time. In 4 weeks I am going out there to visit him for 9 days..so I really feel like there is no reason for my sadness right now, I feel like a big baby. I drove him to the airport this morning and cried the entire hour ride home and haven't been able to stop since. I think it might get a little better once he can call me when he lands and I know his flight went ok, but then I keep thinking about how I will have to sleep alone tonight and I really don't want to have to wake up tomorrow morning without him there. I miss him so much already..I'm just wondering if it will get better or worse.

He was a senior when I was a freshman in high school and thats when i fell in love with him. He is my absolute world and I hate being here in our home without him. I'm sad and lonely for the first time in a very long time.

reneelynn08 reneelynn08
22-25, F
Feb 15, 2010