Away For So Long

My husband and I met in high school 2yrs later we had a beautiful son and got married. A month after I had our son he went away to basic traing to become a Marine. After about 8 mons of training I moved to be with him at his duty station. After only 6 mons of living together he was deployed for the his 1st deployment to Iraq and I moved back home across the country . Or relationship became strained and I was finishing school we ended up seperating when he returned. We go back  together 7 mons later with us still living apart, and shortly after he was deployed again. We are now just waiting to start or life together again in Jan when we move to TX. But it so hard and hurts everyday cause I miss him so much.
BabyU121 BabyU121
22-25, F
Nov 17, 2007