I Miss Him and So Do His Kids

We have been to gether for 10 years sence we were 14 and we have 2 boys and 1 girl they all miss him and ask for him. we were only married for 1 week before he left for boot camp in sc fort jackson and i know there are alot of u that say we will get use to it but im not one of them this man is my everything and the father of my kids i have all ways been with him we really never went anywhere without each other in less one of us were sick and i dont think i could ever get use to him being gone alot or for a long time. I will always be sick to my stomic and always be wanting him here with us and my kids they are always asking about him witch is a reminder everyday that he is not here but in every letter, i tell him we are good dont worrie. I'm afried that im just going to flip out cause i cant talk to anyone about this, so some one please i need some one that know what i am going through....

donandjen donandjen
22-25, F
2 Responses Nov 20, 2007

*HUGS* I know it's difficult. I haven't been with my husband that long and we don't have children, but right now he's out in Afghanistan and I miss him like crazy!! It's hard trying to be strong all the time, so if you feel the need, then cry...let it out. Sometimes it does us good :)

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