He Explained a Lot!!!!

I know the news and all say horrible things and only show the bad things of Iraq and what goes on in the world, but you have to think of what sells in the tabloids, Sex, Drugs and Violence. The news never wants to post anything that is good because it will not make them any money; not saying all do it, but at least 90% of them are money hungry biggits that don't care who they hurt as long as their wallet gets fatter.
    Now to the point. Iraq has changed so dremastically in the last year it's almost unbelievable, but it's very very true. The people of Iraq are tired of the bad guys going out there and hurting them and us and then we retaliate by hurting innocent people at times, so they are standing up and taking their country back. The people are wonderful. The most dangerous part of Iraq, which is where I am, is now the most peaceful. We barley ever have anything bad happen, and if something bad does happen the people go out and find the one responsible and punish them. They have almost taken our roll out. They are helpng us so well out here. We are protected by the people of Iraq for the most part and in return we help them by humanitarien means. We are building schools, training there soldiers and police, fixing sewage and water facilities, maintaining their power grids. We are no longer the number one target on the insurgents list; its the people of Iraq, but there is almost nothing they can do about it because the people here live in such close families and communities they know who the bad guys are and get them before they can cause any harm. Iraq is almost safer than driving in the Bronx. The rule of these people is, "If you are in my house, I have to protect you with all I can protect you with". We are now in the shadows just helping where needed and letting the Iraqi Police and Iraqi Army protect themselfs. They are doing and outstanding job, and have turned the tables in one year when we have been trying for three.
     I am not saying the enemy is not out there anymore because that would be foolish. I am saying the enemy is a lot weaker and more scared because instead of just the USA looking for them, they have 70% of the local populous looking for them and they know where they are. The threat is still out there, but things have changed for the better and instead of everyone being a possible bad guy, everyone is a friend helping us look for and eliminate the bad guy.
     You will probably never or hear very little of that stuff on the news. Peace does not sell in the papers or on the news. The most reliable source you have is us here on the front line who see the day to day activity and who work side by side with the Iraqi people, military and police. We know what is going on and do our best to try and let the rest of the american people see and understand that all they see on the news is not always true or is often stretched far from the truth.
    We can take off all our protective gear and walk down the middle of the street in Fallujah and Ramadi and it would be like walking down a street in our home town. The threat is still out there, but the people help us get rid of that threat and help protect us from the enemy intern having us help to protect them.
gbert86 gbert86
22-25, F
Nov 22, 2007