The Mornings Are The Worst

I'm about to give in a go ask the doctor for something to help me get through the mornings. I miss my kids so much it is making me sick. I cry and feel like vomiting. I tell myself that by afternoon I will feel better, but getting through those hours after I wake up is really really hard. It was such a mistake to let them go without me. I thought that since they were safe and happy I could use time on my own for a change. Time on my own feeling like hell missing them was not what I had in mind.
mexpat mexpat
41-45, F
1 Response Jul 1, 2010

Hi there i know exactly how you feel but i miss my kids all day every day i wake up some nights dreaming of them and having them with me i realy messed up and i did end up goin to c the doc it does help but its a long prosses