My Ex Has Run Off With My Kids & I Miss Them So Much

Sometime last year 2010 the social services got involved with my ex as there had been some concerns raised regarding my kids. I found out by reading a report from social services & was so concerned i rang social & arranged to meet them. I met with them & some of the things i have always worried about were bought up aswell as some things i knew nothing about. Not long after social got involved my ex moved from surrey to bognor regis to live with some guy she had known for a while. She was thinking social would get off her back but she was wrong. They traced her & the case was transfered to west sussex social services. Not long after that my ex & this bloke moved to irland taking my kids with them. She had found out i had been helping social & told me i would never see my kids again. I have been working with social but they cant help me do anything to see my kids. I cant afford a solicitor or get legal aid so im stuck with what to do. This guy shes with is a proffesional gambler & earns around 22000 a week & pays no tax etc so money is no object. Back in 2000 i had to go through the court to get a contact order for my eldest 2 which has done me no good since she has always made my life hell. They moved to irland last nov 22 2010 & i havnt seen my kids since. I was never married & my name was never put on birth certificate so i have no rights whatsoever. 
I miss them so much but dont know what i can do. I feel like the biggest part of my life has been taken away
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2 Responses Feb 19, 2011

I'm so sorry you are gong through this. I don't know about the laws over their, but if this was in the States she would be charged with parental adduction.

I am not sure about how the laws work where your from but just because your name was not on the birth certificate and you we're never married doesn't mean you have no rights. If you had visitation before or access then she cannot take that away from you and you can fight this in court with out a lawyer. Family courts face this kind of thing all the time and often times the people represent them selves. I know it sounds aweful to go into debt over it but maybe apply for a line of credit to pay a lawyer to help you out. If she doesn't show in court the judge often rules in your favor and also rules that those legal charges incurred by you for that day be paid for by her. Don't give up yet. Get educated and fight back. You are not helpless. And regardless of where she is Social Services can find her. Just keep hunting I am sure you will come across something that tells you where she is.