I Miss My Kids Every Minute Of Everyday

hi there...i am writing this for my husband. him and his ex split up almost a year ago and she took their two kids with her : ages 1.5 yrs and 3 yrs. we ended up getting together and got married in dec of 2010. i have two kids of my own that are with me full time. i am watching him hurt everyday because he only gets to see his kids every other weekend. there is nothin i can do. we would like to try to get custody of his kiddos but are not in a place to do so (financially) right now. can anyone give him some advice on how to cope with missing them? i dont really know what to do for him and it tears me up to see him hurt this way. if there are other dads out there who are going through the same my husband really needs some man-support. he doesnt have any close friends to talk to and he needs that. please help us before it gets worse! thanks!
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Im going throw the same thing over my 2 children they live over 18 miles away from me and i only get 2 see my son from friday to sunday and only get to have my daughter when my ex says so. I took my daughter back home and started 2 cry because i miss her and my son millions i always cry even at work so got 2 stop my self from doing that i even find it hard 2 sleep at night just because wanna be with them so much