Fathers Day

Tomorrow is Fathers Day in Australia.
Now I havent had contact with My kids since My divorce from My ex. Last time I was home I got a message from My eldest daughter saying she wants to put everything behind us and hopefully rekindle what we had lost. Hearing her voice on the phone when I rang her was awesome, I always get a little teary when we talk as she is My baby girl and no matter how old she gets she will always be My baby girl. Well I was talking with My lady yesterday and she said I had a parcel from My daughter , so we jumped on skype and he opened My parcel and to My suprise it was a Fathers Day gift. I was rocked as this is the first gift of any kind I have received since the divorce. I was really overcome with emotion and felt so good.
The sad part is that they dont know I am over here so I cant even call her and say thankyou. It will be an email but I know I will get emotional writing it to say thankyou.

So R thankyou
I miss you and love you
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Now how did I miss such a wonderful story?? I am so glad you're getting a chance to reconnect with your daughter. Good things do happen and I'm thrilled to hear this is happening for you. Enjoy every moment and leave the past where it the past. And I hope to read more about the reunion. :-D

And Happy belated Father's Day BD.

thankyou jacee

*big ol grin*

Happy belated Father's Day. Keep in mind good things happen to good people even over the course of waiting weeks, months and years. It's maddening but savor the moment and think of the time you two will reunite.

Thanks KT. I'm looking forward to seeing her again in fact seeing all 3 of My kids again. My son is hopfully going to be spending at least a weekend with Me when I'm home this time around. I cant wait.

I want to cuddle you so much. This is lovely. I wish your daughter could read this, but I know you'll express it the same way straight to her!

As they say don't look backwards look forwards. What a wonderful surprise.

It was a wonderful suprise totally unexpected. Prolly why it means so much to Me.
Thankyou for your comment.

Aww Happy Father's Day. I hope you and you daughter can rebuild. Certainly looks like she wants the same thing too... :)

Thanks sierra, I hope so too.

That is least now you can rebuild the relationship....Happy Fathers day..xx

Smiles I hope so. Thankyou

BD, Happy Father's Day. Thank you for sharing this heart warming story. Its wonderful to hear that you and your daughter have reconnected. Girls always have a soft spot for their Dads. :)

Thankyou. Yes they know how to get to Dads heart.

Oh oh oh You have a lovely daughter. And I am happy to read such a lovely story by you. You are a Dad !! That's so refreshing. Happy Father's Day BD.^^

Thankyou lr. It was really a wonderful feeling knowing she had sent Me something after so many years of nothing.

Aww-w-w And the joy!!