By The Light Of The Moon

This hasn't always been the same person. But I tend to stay up late. And the darkness tends to let in the demons that plague me. I miss having someone to talk to in the wee hours. Another voice...another night owl...connection when I'm otherwise lost. It seems that moonlight is a kinder beacon, and so many of my better conversations have occurred in the night. I don't have anyone right now that I can talk to at night. And I really miss that.
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5 Responses Jul 15, 2010

EP does take some of that away, Smuggles. I guess maybe it's recalling times before there was broadband internet and my college friends were so scattered...We'd while away insomnia on the phone. Utilizing the very first days of free nights and weekends on the cell phone. Voices...are sometimes just so much more comforting than words on a screen. *sigh*

I love late night buddies I just hate that it is a different person everynight! ohhhhhhhh wait maybe I am just being broken into repeatedly and starved for conversation! hehehehehehehe

Imaginary friends can be so fickle.

I tried that. But when I dialed the number, I got a real person. Who was angry at being startled awake at 2am. :-/

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yeah, late night phone buddies are amazing!<br />
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maybe an imaginary late night phone buddy is in order, just to get you through. worked for us as kids :)