Just Once More

Just once more I would love to hair long hair.  I really miss having hair long enough to cover my skin.  I remember how silky it felt against my skin.  I miss that feeling.

Now its by necessity that it is short.  I get sick of how it looks.  I get tired of the same style and it just doesnt grow fast enough to give me any options. 

I have noticed men usually like long hair.  And Idefinately used to get the most compliments about my hair when it was long.  Funny how even strangers would reach out to touch it.  It really was a source of pride.

My partner seems to care less about my hair.  In fact he seldom comments on it or even touches it when we are together.  Perhaps it is just another hint in a long line of hints.

But that aside, I really do miss having long hair.  If I could just have it long once more.

GunGurl GunGurl
5 Responses Aug 16, 2008

Let it grow out. Ideally, same length all around, no bangs is ideal

Yes I also agree. I just love to touch, oil, comb and braid long hair.

Extensions!? (:<br />
i have long hair down to my hips + im thinking of cutting it; but i think ill miss it :/

Yes and I miss that very much. <br />
Perhaps I was a cat in a previous life...<br />
It adds an element of sensuality to the conntection for me. I just miss that very much.

Did some1 ever touch it before?