I Miss My Husband

I miss my husband, he's deceased and he was and still is my love of my life, he had a personality out of this world, good person to be around. We had different religious, but our heart just connected. The first time we met at that time we both were on the city bus and he was sitting in the back of me, and something went down the neck part of my blouse a little bug or something but it stinging me and I kept reaching my hand toward my back trying to scratch my itch and it was so annoying and i got embarrassed and I had turned around and this guy was just staring at me and smiled as we got off at the same bus stop he ask for my number and he seem to be a nice person and he was a good looking guy so I gave him my number and he had start calling me that same even but i was always busy, he was trying to take me out to movies or out to eat but like I say I was always busy until one evening I took him up on his offer and we went out to eat and for there everything was great and we ending up being in a great relationship, had a daughter together and then come marriage, I hope my life story did not bore anyone but this is real and this is my story.
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This is a beautiful story,I wish I had experienced a love like this,but you chose the right man,I didn't.

Thanks, and I really do miss him, it comes around ones in a life time.

girl friend, nothing about love or you is boring. i think what yall shared is beautiful. and i hope we get to learn more of your memories. now had it been me, and a bug is down my shirt, i would be up screaming, acting a fool. your a great person, with a great heart.

What a lovely story--and not boring at all! I'm sorry he's gone, but obviously you have some wonderful memories and I thank you for sharing them.

Awwww! i read your contribution! how beautiful and poigniant if you don't mind me saying! Just gorgeous! :D And i wasn't bored! no way!!!! Very interesting! :D <br />
What a wonderful happy, happy first time meeting, my gorgeous! <br />
LOL i was the same with my husband in the beginning, i was "playing hard to get"! LOL then, something as you and your, sadly (deceased husband) clicked! and we started going out, married, had two wonderful, now adult children and two gorgeous little grandchildren,. <br />
My husband suffered two heart attacks, 2009, thankfully god bless be! he is here with me,. <br />
May i thank you so much for sharing, your post! :D :D