November 22, 1976 ..... The Day My Life Changed

This is a story, an example of unconditional love, as I remember my Grandmothers's passing... 36 years ago.

I am going to share with you my last letter to my Gram. It was written when I thought my Gram was in the nursing home where I had visited her many, many times. She was actually ill and in the hospital dying. Being poor, I had no phone in my first apartment, nor was there a phone in my Gram's room.... So we wrote letters. My Mother did not let me know my Gram was dying, I would have left school to have those last days with her. I found the letter , card actually, in her writing box .... She couldn't answer it...she had died.....

Dear Gramma,
Well Gram, I thought I'd drop you a line or 2 ... I think of you very, very often and of course, I worry too. And I hope that you don't feel as lonely as I do right now. I'm fine tho-
Always busy and always on the go. I would like to come visit you soon....and think I might be able to catch a ride to see you for Thanksgiving. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

I'm sad not to live in the dorm, but I like not having to be around noisy people ALL the time. School is back I to full swing- I had a dandy of a test this morning. I have to spend a lot of time studying. I THINK I'm happy, other than
missing you so very much....And I do hope all is well and I do spend a lot of time wondering just that. If I only knew how you are...if I only knew how things were down there...
I I wish I knew.....

Well little Gramma, I must go to class, I wish there was some way I could call you.

I love you very much..... Love, Kathie

Dear Gram,
You know I have not forgotten you for even one minute... Well, there was that one time... Ok,more than once...ok, nevermind. Would you mind waiting up for me the way you did when I was in high school and stayed out past my self imposed curfew? Please don't be down here on earth as some completely different person if you can help it.... I've waited sooo long to see you and I'm not quite ready yet.
I'm kidding you.... I know our love goes on and on.... Please, Gram, if you can... Be at our Thanksgiving table.
... And now I cry... And I still have to cook.... I just couldn't not stop to say: Thank you.... For ALL you taught me about love... The unconditional kind. And can I just tell you, you are a real hard act to follow... Impossible so far.
Keep the light on for me Dearheart ..... Always, Kathie

For my loving Grandma Mary...Aug.31,1895-Nov.22,1976
Rest in peace, if that's how it goes.... :-). Oxo
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What a wonderful post. Our grandparents have been nice. Grandma's specially who will always defend us too.

Thank you for reading this Dils ..... Happy to hear you have nice grandparents .... Take care.

Oh boy .. this makes my cry

( dries sweet friend's tears ) ... I understand why it would..... You, especially. Great big hug to a very special woman )

I'm sure she's with and always....and knows how very dearly you hold her in your heart...and that the the love you have is still just as strong as as it was then....and that she's smiling.

..... And she would say, " you drink your coffee BLACK?" Haha ..... Speaking of coffee...
You rock the coffeehouse! Oxo

Your Gram's body passed on 36 years ago, but her beautiful spirit and unconditional love are still alive and well sharing a spot in your heart. Have heard about this type of bond still being there after so many years, but yours is very touching. I am sure it affected others with the same mixture of sadness and joy that it did me.
I know it had to have been hard for you to write. Thank you so much for sharing.

Well Climb... Gram was my " Mother" as far as bonding... And she went all out for me. I can't express in words how thankful I am... And how she quite possibly saved my life...

What a tender lovnig tribute to a life well lived.As close as you and Gramma were I have no doubt she will be the first to greet you when the time comes. Till that day~all the love and memories will keep her alive in your heart. Hold fast Kathi, bless you. xoxox mini

And a ton of blessings on YOUR little kind head Min .... I owe you some PMs Hon.... They're coming... I've just had a full plate these past few days.... Don't defriend me Min!!! Haha..oxo