My Direction And Stability

My parents were great , amazing people. They were a true definition of unconditional love. They shared this love with each other, and with us. My parents were so supportive in all we did as each other. My dad was the glue that held his family together, my. Mom was my strength she had been through so much yet she managed to keep a smile on her face. I miss the little things my parents did for us. I miss all that they showed us im 25 yrs old i lost my dad at 18and my mom 3 months ago. This is the worse pain i've ever felt. But i look back at my mothers strength and her smile and laugh i look back at the way her and my
Father loved her his goofiness and i hope to one day be half the people they were. I remember how they loved us and it makes. It a lil easier to go on. I miss you both very much i love you my strength and direction
I love you mom and dad.
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