My parents made the decision to cut me out of their life a little over a year and a half ago. Her final words to me were "I used to have a daughter, but no more. Delete our information and don't contact is again."

My mom used to be my best friend. I always took pride in the things I noticed in myself that reminded me of my mother. Seeing her smile in mine, recognizing her features in my face, hearing how our voices, our laughs, sound alike, our humor and quirky personalities, experiencing and practicing the level of care and concern for others that she taught me.

I strive every day to be kind and thoughtful, compassionate, but I'm sad to say, I don't hear her laugh in my head any more when I laugh. Most of her little phrases are gone from my speech.

I miss her.
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Maybe she will come back. Try and write her a letter. Snail mail. Don't give up hope. Sorry, this happened. I miss my mom every single day too, but she is away in distance, and i can still speak with her on the phone. She has aged, time has stolen my mom. I miss her every single day! I hope you can reconcile with your mom. Give it a little time. Remember, Dont give up hope, ever.

Is this a problem a theist and atheist have?

I'm so scared that will happen to me when I come out to my mom.

Family can be great, or the worst. Good luck :)