Gone To The Other Side

It was just lke yesterday that I rushed home to tell you of all the new things I learnt from pre-school.

You were always so eager to listen to my stories.

So patient and always so keen to hear me out.

Seems that the teenage years made somewhat cruel to you.

Yet you remained the constant in my life.

Always so proud to come and see me at high school functions.

You'd always cheer so loudly when you'd see me on stage.

You wore your clothes and to me it seemed so out of fashion but now I know you bought us new clothes and went without.

Oh how I wished to turn back time to say thanks to you for everything.

Then came Univeristy and how you cried when you saw me off at the airport. Oh how you cried and how you held me.

At first I could not understand why such emotion then realised that it was my first flying out of the nest of home.

I returned after studies only to be told you were dying.

I spent exactly 48 hours with you. There you with a bald head as your rare condition had taken its toll on your weary body.

You had lost so much weight and had lost some teeth. Your skin had changed so much.

But it had not taken your enthusiasm for life. Despite your illness you limped bravely to where I got off with my luggage.

I was a bit taken back by your appearance and was ashamed but you stayed there smiling at me.

The last 48 hours were so precious to me.

We shared stories of university and we had such a special time together.

You were so proud of me and of the fact that I got the A+ you wanted me to achieve in my final year.

I thank God for allowing me 48 hours to spend with my Mom before she was called.

Every now n then Im reminded of how much I miss my mom.

I appreciate the remnants of precious memories I have of my dear Mom.

Rest in peace Mom and hope to meet up in Heaven.

Till we meet again and catch up on our stories :)
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the people that pass live within your herat/soul 4 eternity,8infinity9unconditional love43UNSEEN worlds,ive had a climpse at.lol 2012 is not the end.