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My mom passed away in august of 2007. i remember the day and the exact time. My mom was my best friend. we played video games together and went to concerts and went out and did fubn stuff all the time. we told eachother everything. she was a single mom for about 6 years before she passed away. she took care of a nd spoiled my brother and I. she did everything she could for us and she did an amazing job. She began to get sicker and sicker each day. when she got home from work, my brother and I would have dinner waiting for her with a couple of hot tea and after I would massage her feet. I always ran to the store for her and got her whatever she needed. then one day when we all woke up, i made her breakfast in bed and we watched a movie. Out of nowhere that day, she asked me to turn up the air on her oxygen tank. i looked at it and it was turned all the way up. but she said she couldnt breathe, son we called an ambulance and they came and got her right away. for the next month she was in the hospital and she was sedated so I couldnt talk to her.I would call her cell phone just to hear her voice. On my third day of high school i was told that there was nothing that they could do to help her. she passed away at 5:40 with me sitting right by her side holding her hand. Now I think about her everyday and I miss her sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!! I live with my grandparents now. I also take pills for depression now.
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I've the same story to a large extent, but for some circumstances I didn't see my mother for 2 weeks before her death : (<br />
I were living with my grand mother, but now my father got married with another wife and we "me & my bro" have to live with them.... These are our fates!!! The only thing that we can do is thanking GOD and praying for him till we see our mothers in the heaven ...

yes, i was 14 and she was 38