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I lost my mother at the age where every girl needs their mom most. It was over the summer July 6th, 2012. I was at my friends house camping just down the street, I woke up that morning and my mom called me, she talked to me told me to be careful and said she loved me. I went on with my morning. I started to feel sick around lunch time so i layed down on my friends couch. Her mom gave me some water and checked my temp. I was fine. The feeling kept going and i didn't know why. So i asked them to bring me home. We just pulled into my drive way, my dad came running outside. He told me it was an emergency the hospital called my mother got severally hurt at work. Now my mother worked on a farm, she picked and sorted eggs she fed and helped cows, she bailed hay and drove the tractor. That morning she told me she was going out into a big field to do some work and she would pick me up later. I then knew why i felt sick, something was wrong someone or something was missing. I went inside my dad left. My grandfather came over and waited for my dad to call. He did. I picked up the phone he sounded scared shocked. Upset. I gave the phone to my grandfather and the silence between them i knew it wasn't going to be good news. He hung up the phone he had tears in his eyes. Right then and there i knew. My mom was gone. She had passed. She had been killed while bailing hay. She was with a good friend from work someone was drivigng the tractor and ryan and her were on the wagon filled with 6000 pounds of hay. They hit a bump the hay was starting to fall out. My mom tried to save the hay. The wagons wheels turned and it crushed her. She was gone instantly. I never thought my worst night mare would come true at my age.
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i know how it feels. to lose your mom suddenly, without a warning at this age. and especially through highschool. the same thing happened with me. i wrote a story about it.

Oh my. I am so sorry your mom passed on. May the pain lessen with each passing day.