My Soul,my Life, My Mom...

I lost my mom on Sept. 20,2008.  Although she was sick from diabetes and had an amputated leg, she was starting to improve in the last year and was really enjoying her grandkids.  I really can't write alot now because I am choked up and suicidial, but I wanted to pay homage to her.  I will write more soon.


Love you,Mommy~

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Your mom wouldn't want you to kill yourself. So please, don't do that. I lost my mother July 20, 2000. I miss her everyday. On the day that she passed, I left the house early to study and I regret it so much. I wish I had stayed. The pain of losing my mom is still raw and it is something that I'll never get over. I work hard to try to make her proud everyday. Trust me, our mothers are watching us--I can feel her in everything I do.

My mother passed in September 2013 and I have had many thoughts of ending it all because she was all I had in my life. I am young and work hard but when you lose the only family you have it can really break you down. All WE can do now is try to make our mom's proud

thank you,2Buddies. I just read over this post again and it isn't even my writing style. I was really hysterical. <br />
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I am sorry about your mom, too. Diabetes is such a destructive illness. I wish they would find a cure.

So sorry about your mom. Mine also has diabetes that's getting worse and talks about 'after she's gone' as if to welcome or hasten her passing which makes me very uncomfortable.

I am SO Sorry, I know nothing anyone writes will make this better, but please know that a few of of us have lost our Mothers. My Mom would have been have 65 on 9-30 this yr, she died it will be 10 yrs 10-21 the day before my bday, Please write me at any time about any thing.

Hey, it's me again, Victoria. Just wanted to check in on you and see how you're doing today. We're going to be ok. It will get better. Let me know if you need me, i'm here for you. Stay strong.<br />
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Thank you guys.

Hang in there honey. We are all here for you should you need to talk to someone about this. Especially LA, she's suffered the tragic lose of a mother too.