Tearing Pain As Early Bury You R Mother ..

My mother got cancer when I was 9 years old the first time. Then I realized how clear it was serious. Soon emerged that the operation was quickly passed, and that with my mom all right. I was overjoyed. But not for long. With my 12 years, my mother got cancer again. It was the worst news I've ever received. As much as I tried to be strong and positive thinking that will fix everything, but inside I was broken. When my whole family is going to tell me not to go out to stay with his mum, I assumed the worst. Coming months mom was lying in bed, crying all day and fight for every last moment of her life. I was stupid I was running away from it, I just could not deal with it, that is what is happening .. Just could not get into my head the hideous reality .. One night I fell asleep next to her .. I was holding her hand the whole time. Up all night listening to coughing, could not talk. Most hurts me when I see he is trying to say, I did not know what to do, however, it has attracted and barely spoke I love you. I have proposed that we go to the village and I accepted. Last time I was greeted with her before going to the village I did not know that it will be the last and I just kissed her and quickly went away and I have not seen. Just when I carried out my sister called me. She told me that mom is gone. I could not believe it really happened. I cried, I held firm. Even now, when I look to write this idalje not believe it. I guess that's my one mechanism to shield much pain and sorrow. I do not want to think about it or be reminded of memories for me so sore that is indescribable. I do not know why, but as I write this I'm kind of easier. When someone asks me for a mother to be hard for me to answer .. Or disagree and pretend that I have or someone in the company says that I do not. I only open to talking about it with my best friend, who does not have my dad. It is a great support. And now that he listens to a sad song and it reminds moms tears go by themselves. I do not want but it hurts me and breaks all possible pieces.Nadam se da me sada cuva sa neba,srecna i nasmejana kakva je bila. Barem nema onih lekova koje je keva pila da bi mogla da zaspi. I never told you how I love you, I never hugged when the latter were you, I did not get ANYTHING your neck at night and dreams in your sleep, you're back alive, OO MOM .. I m from serbia
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Sorry your mom has passed on.