The best memories were when I was site seeing with you, when we saw the ocean together ... When you were at my 21st birthday party . When you made me laugh and when you attended all my graduation ceremonies and prize givings. You always had a remarkable way of showing me how proud of me you were . I miss that . I also cherished the times we prayed together and the brilliant advice you always gave me . I'll carry all those memories forever . I hope you are with me , watching me . I can't see you but I wonder if you can see me . It almost seems surreal seeing your empty chair . I hope you weren't scared to die , because I feel that in a way you were scared to leave me but your body had given up on you . I'll always be your daughter ... Until we see each other again . May your prayers for me never cease to manifest themselves in my life and I'm sorry for being a naughty daughter but you understood my mood swings the most. You taught me how to be strong . You were the strongest woman I knew . You were the best example . If I could have half the forgiving heart you had I would be okay . You were brave and God stood by you . You really were amazing . I wonder why you had to die ... Maybe one day I'll know and I hope I do get all the answers one day because I really am confused as to why things happen
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I have to add too
when u used to be the v first one to wish my bday
when you used to praise me with stars in your eyes
when you used to insist on I should eat more
when you used to make my favourite dishes
when you used to spread your hands to pray for me
whenyou used to cry in nights for me

That's so beautiful wow

I miss her I can relate to you.we share the pain but it doesnt decrease

It gets worse daily . Don't let them lie to you

Now I know.helpless

there will be some days where you can smile

That smile is not wat I need

Yeah you need... Her

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may you be a good mom like her and keep her alive in you. amen.

Wow! Beautifully written! I can relate as well. I hope my mom is with me too and shares in my daily ups and downs. I'm glad I have faith, as it seems like you do too. We will see our mom' since again one day. Thank you for sharing ❤️❤️

Its amazing how you have responded to such a tragedy in your are a strong woman and wherever your mum may be she is wishing upon you more happiness and love than you could handle...
God bless you and your family...stay strong and I believe you will never forget the lessons she has taught you and the embraces she gave you...=) 1luv