My Sad Story!

I was about seven years old and it was so sudden. I was at a good friends house when her mother got a phone call asking her to get me all packed and ready to go and that my sister would come and get me. Then she asked why did I have to go and my grandma said, "It's a family emergency and hung up." So I got already and waited every worried about what was about to happen. My friends mother told me that its just a family emergency but I was seven I didn't understand what that meant. Finally my sister came knocking at the door trying not to cry for my sack. The whole ride home was very silent. Finally I got home, I walked in and seen my brother crying and to me it looked like he was praying but I didn't know why. I but every thing down and sat on the chair near my grandma, sister, and brother ready to listen not expecting this "Destiny I'm so sorry but your mother passed away today at the hospital.” said my grandma. I couldn't breath at all. I was so surprised and sad at the same time. So I fell to my knees and yelled to the sky "why! Why! Why me! I don't deserve this at all. Why her! Why couldn't be someone else not her.” &&&&& that's pretty much my story.

Love &miss you mom!


Lonelydaughter Lonelydaughter
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1 Response Feb 23, 2009

i know just how your going through, when i got home from vacation with my friends my dad called my friends mother to eat breakfast and pack up. When my dad picked me up i told him about the gift i got for my mom, then my sister stared crying. I got worried like maybe shes just "out" with her friends like she always does a couple times a week and she hadn't come home. But when my dad told me i stared running, far as way as possible because she was my best friend. I could tell her everything like about relationships and boys but now my dad won't even let a guy friend over my house. It's a huge change for me. And i especially hate when kids do, "yo mama' jokes or something like that because some people don't know. And i'm going to a new school for high school and every one thinks just because they have both parents that i will too. Like its so annoying and when teachers ask about "your mother" just like shut up already! my moms not alive!!!!!!! well i miss&love you mom SOOOO much and goodluck with you. i hope everythings fine and i hate when people say life goes on like you don't know how i feel.