Imiss My Mom

I still miss my mom yet today, she passed away july of 2002.and there is not day that goes by that she's not in my thoughts. Iguess the hardest part is what I remember her asking  me one day coming back from the store.. she looked at at me and ...said you don't love me do you? and instead of saying  of course i do. I said Mom why do you say things like that..

And two days later she passed away, I will never forget those words that she said to me. it still haunts me to this day. I'm always asking her to forgive me and I wonder if she now I tell all my loved ones that I Love them everyday.

So Mom, I didnt tell you that day I Love You. but I hope that you can hear it now. ' I LOVE YOU AND MISS SO MUCH'

Your one and  only child

midnightsun55 midnightsun55
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1 Response Mar 19, 2009 made me cry. Good for you to tell those you love.....I love you : )