My mum died the day after her 47th birthday- it's her birthday tomorrow and I just know it's going to be a tough couple of days. My flatmates don't understand why I sometimes find it hard just to get out of bed because I am just overcome by sadness- I know it's been three years but I feel like every day I miss you more and every day is harder because I start to realise all the things you'll miss out on and it hits home that I will never see you again or hear your voice. You were my best friend and the only one who ever really understood me- I feel so lost without you. I never knew my dad and because I have no brothers or sisters I just feel so alone and isolated in this world. I wish you were here to see me graduate from high school and next year when I graduate from university. I know they are meant to be happy days but I just can't help but feel sad...
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I know how you feel and people don't understand why I'm fat now ... I'm eating to help me cope

Oh my goodness girls. I lost my mother when I was 14. I feel your pain so so so much. I can empathize. When she died it was like well the saddest thing I ever experienced. Rug pulled out from under me. And I hear your stories and now I'm a mom myself and lived passed the age when my sweet mother died. Which ladies you'll feel like your a bit of a ticking time bomb . As if you'll die at the same age she did. I wish I could mother you girls. Honestly:)

my mom was 49 when she passed away its been 2 months i didnt know my father and never had mom was my best friend and i feel empty without her the only thing thats numbing my brain are antidepressants n i havent found the right one for me

Hi I lost my mom as well it will be 5 years this November 1 she passed within a day she was gone. I miss her everyday and she is with me everyday I remember the good times its not easy her b-day is next month when the whole country celebrates her b-day. I take it a day at a time all I can do still hard they say it gets easier it does not.

Bless you Emma I know what it feels like not being around those who can just comfort you at these times. My heart goes out to you. Hugs!