Just emptiness inside and outside of me ... Having a mom is a comfort zone . You can escape to whenever ... But you're gone mommy so what do I do
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You could try reaching out to God...who transcends life & death

What does that mean

Do you believe in God?

I guess

Are U not aware that the reason U were created I. The first place is to know God, and have a relationship with your Creator? But he will not force this-it is up to you. Sometimes God uses circumstances to get our attention, to open our eyes up to what really matters in life. If U seek Him, honestly, the pain from your mother's passing will lessen. Spiritual things outweigh the emotional, and make us stronger. I lost my daughter in Nov 2012, when she was just 28... I know.that pain..

I thought about that too . I thought there were less drastic ways to get me to be close to God you know instead of taking my mom . It really affected me sooo much . I was just 22

The unfortunate truth is that when we are doing fine, we never feel.a need to reach out to God. It's only when we are in pain when that question.comes up. God uses that pain, but is not the originator of it...

Are you sure ?

Absolutely, yes.


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