To A Kind Gentle Mother

My mom passed away 19 years ago i wrote this in memory of my mother, i was five, and even though i don't remember her much when she passed but i still miss her greatly


Kind hands and a patient soul

A fading woman write out your words

To my Tiny Darling,

is how you start out your thoughts to a loved one

God made  you a miracle.

LIke he made the sun, a will unknown to anyone but a dying baby


Do you know Mommy how hard I cried? And

 Can you sense the pain the uprise of feelings?

You longed to hold me forever, but I have the rest of my life

to not feel your arms around me.


And I shouldn't write this.

You wouldn't want me to wollow in self pity.

But, why can't i? When your letter tore your heart apart

as I write this song I send my love.


I feel you always around me. You let me live my life but when

I need you most you pull me in....

I'm sorry I have forsaken the church. Its too hard to go, knowing that not

even God himself can bring you back to me.


may /91 * In memory of Doreen Elizabeth K.

cisa cisa
22-25, F
Mar 8, 2010