Life Will Never Be the Same

my brother Lanny lee was 48 in 2008 and died of bone and lung cancer on december 13th-my mother loved him more then anyone and also at the same time had cancer and we didn't know it yet-only that she was week and sick too.  He asked me to take care of her and I did the best I could-she passed away in august of 2009.  My sister and son are all that's left of my family.  I don't know how to exist without them.  I don't know what to do- I keep working and trying to keep things normal but don't know what that  is any more.  All that's left are pictures and memories of the holidays.

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Hi, going through the similar situation, get solace when i speak to my mother in my thoughts or speak and plead to the God to take care of her.<br />
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Try develop your own inner mechanism to be with them even though physically they are not around.<br />
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Regards,<br />
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sibyll, that's what it's all about. That is the story of life. When I go, my kids will miss me but life goes on. When they go, their kids will miss them, etc, etc, etc. However, in my quest for immortality, I am packageing all my stories to leave to my grandchildren and great grandchildren-to-be. I whant them to know who and what I was. Of course, they can't read them until they are 21. Even then might be too soon. lol

I have lost both parents and my only brother. My youngest sister is a question mark because of a severe heart attack, and I am losing my battle with my heart. Death is an inescapable part of life. I am not ansious to go, but when the good Lord says it's time, I don't expect to be able to argue. The wounds from a lost loved one never heal. But they do scar over and it gets easier with time. My prayers are with you.

oh sibyll,i wish there were something i could say or perhaps tell you what to do to ease your pain.truth is,i can do neither thing.i know how devestated i felt when i lost my mom,and i know i could'nt fathom to have lost two members as you,next time time that you sit with or talk to your sister or your son,speak of them,think of the silly sort of things that all family members have done at one time or another.that will bring a smile to your face and at that moment,when you have that smile,they will be with well

My heart goes out to you at your sad loss I know how you are feeling when my 2 sisters and a brother dies all virtually young it almost broke my heart , but you do eventually learn to live with your loss all i can say is cherish the sister that is left and cherish your son and make more happy memories with them all the love you had for your brother share it with your other family i do hope you feel better soon jenny

It's corny, but time is a gentle healer. It's ten years since my brother died aged 41. He's never forgotten, but each day - most days - it helps to know he is at peace. He deserves it now.

Some of my writing and grammar were not the best it is just that I get upset when I talk about him.I forgot to tell you my brother like your was young.He was 50.

I want to tell you about my brother.He was diagnosed with a very rare cancer seven years ago.He was a christian.Sometimes we don't understand why such good people die.I never understood how painful losing someone so close to me would feel.I know now.I lost him Sept.24th 2009.all the holidays have been very painful.I cry at least three times a day.sometimes I feel I am losing my mind.I depend on the Lord for my strength.We loved him SO very much.We went to his house the morning he passed and that was the hardest thing I have ever done.I have peace in knowing that he is with the Lord now.Healed and whole.He was in so much pain.Very fraile but never coplained.i am sorry for you because I TRUELY know how you feel.I will be praying for you.

hi. <br />
I hope you are doing a little better. I lost my brother and mother within 13 days of each other. To add this is to share, not to compare. I can empathize. Who knows what is normal? It has been a full year now and I am not a better person for the loss. <br />
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I hope you have loved ones around to talk with when you need them. Hang in.



Im truly so sorry for your loss and cant even pretend to really understand what your going through.<br />
I just hope the 3 of you can stick together and make it through this incredible time of your lives.<br />
I wish you all the best.

Bless your heart. You have been through so much! First<br />
<br />
your brother and then your mom. I bet that you miss <br />
<br />
them so very much.I am so very sorry for what <br />
<br />
happened. I will say aprayer for you tonight sweetie. Be <br />
<br />
strong and hug your son and sister for me.