I Miss My Mum... She Was My Best Friend

My mother was my best friend and I lost her to cancer approx 2 years ago. My mother died very quickly after being diagosed with stage 2 cancer in January 2007; She died in March.

Not a day goes by that I have not missed her. Sometime the pain still feels as intense as the day I lost her. I am still not able to have her pictures around me or look at anything personal and so I have packed her things into storage for the day that I can take them out and be at peace with it.

My mother and I had been through so much together, so many hardships and we were so similar... we really understood each other. I do not have anyone else in my life who understands me like that.

I always belived that there are three types of people in this life, ones who tolerate you, ones who accept you, and then ones who truly understand you. My mother is the only one who understood me and it very hard living without that closeness.

I am not close to my dad, and when my mother died he started dating very soon afterwards. I feel as though I have lost my only family and my past.

I dont think I will ever stop missing her, but I hope to someday make a peace with it.

I hope this makes sense to someone out there...


rhaben rhaben
36-40, F
Mar 14, 2009