My Moms Only Brother Tried To Kill Himself 1yr After My Mom Died

i feel so terrible, my moms only brother tried to kill himself, its one year ago that my mom passed away. what the heck? i feel so sad that he did this. there are so many different circumstances at work here that i cant disclose online for the sake of privacy, but i wish i could. in one year i lost my mom, my mother in law, a baby we wanted to adopt and who lived with us from birth until 18 months went to live with his biological family - not his birth parents, but other relatives (it wasnt because of a terrible life he had with me and my husband, but very difficult and uncontrollable circumstances took him from us if you can believe it), so, it feels like another death, my father had a heart attack - but survived luckily, my husbands work went down by half, and so on and so on. i just miss my mom, she was great to talk to, she was my mom, what can i say. its only been a year, and some very good things have happened too, but i cant see her face and tell her, all i can do i write to her, talk to her and ask God to help my heart and to let her know i love her and miss her. thats it, thats all.
2bofthesea 2bofthesea
Dec 9, 2012